Cyber-Rights: A Virtual Town Hall Event

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Join us to explore the vital role of cybersecurity in safeguarding privacy and human rights in today's digital age. With a central theme of "CS for Good," this topic is relevant to all and appeals to a diverse audience interested in the intersection of technology and human rights. Panelists Anne Etienne, a Cybersecurity Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and Laurie Kirk, a Security Researcher at Microsoft, offered insights and practical strategies for social media users, software developers, and others. 

In this webinar recording, we discuss the digital education gap, censorship's impact on AI accuracy, and online privacy protection. Empower yourself to advocate for digital rights in your community and beyond. Cyber-Rights promises to inform and inspire whether you're a teenager navigating an interconnected world or a tech professional seeking new perspectives.

Cyber-Rights: A Virtual Town Hall Event was hosted by NGCP on April 11, 2024.

Anne Etienne, woman with short black hair and white shirt

Anne Etienne

Cybersecurity Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Anne Etienne is a Haitian American, resilient woman at heart, who, after being raised in Haiti, relocated to the USA following the devastating earthquake in her homeland. Completing her high school education in a different country, she faced the challenges of cultural shock and separation from her parents, navigating a world vastly different from her first 14 years of life.

She embarked on the journey of higher education, even without a clear roadmap, but through her unwavering persistence and tenacity, she discovered her true passions and graduated with a B.S. from Florida Atlantic University. Her determination paid off when she entered the corporate world as a cybersecurity analyst, and within almost three years, she advanced to become a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft.

Throughout her journey, she faced challenges in finding her place and identity. But when she embraced self-love and acceptance, she rediscovered her passion for computers and cybersecurity, reigniting her childhood dream of becoming a problem-solver.

Now, she is a Cybersecurity Cloud Solution Architect, a resource group leader for women and black employees at Microsoft, and a proud Black woman in tech. Her advice to others is to widen their horizons, choose their challenges, and find their unique path. She is a testament to the belief that with self-confidence and determination, one can carve out their place in the world and succeed against all odds.

Laurie Kirk, woman with blonde hair in a braid and a navy shirt

Laurie Kirk

Security Researcher, Microsoft

Laurie Kirk is a Security Researcher at Microsoft. She specializes in cross-platform malware analysis, with a focus on mobile threats. She also runs a YouTube channel (@LaurieWired) that covers all sorts of in-depth Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Exploitation, and security topics. Laurie received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Florida State University and is an active member of the security community. She has spoken at multiple conferences, including DEFCON, Objective by the Sea, TROOPERS23, KernelCon, BlueHat, and BSides Seattle.

Sandra Y

Alexandra (Sandra) Yang

NGCP Youth Advisory Board Chair

Sandra is a high school senior from Carmel, Indiana. Since discovering her passion for computer science through her middle school robotics team, she has become fluent in languages like Python, C++, and Java, nationally ranked in several computing and cybersecurity competitions, and conducted original scientific research with labs such as the Harvard Visual Attention Lab, the Biocomplexity Institute at the University of Virginia, and the AI Health Lab at the University of Texas at Austin.

From serving as president of her school's Computer Science Honor Society, an organization with 70+ members, to conducting free STEM workshops for rural, low-income girls in Indiana, Sandra is committed to channeling her ambition, compassion, and leadership into making a meaningful difference. As the NGCP's Youth Advisory Board co-chair and a member of NGCP's Board of Directors, she tirelessly advocates for gender equity in STEM.

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