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During the National Girls Collaborative Project’s 20th year anniversary celebration this past fall in Pittsburgh, The Franklin Institute was honored with the ‘Excellence in Collaboration’ award for their dedication towards collaborative programming and support of gender equitable STEM experiences. The Institute’s Senior Vice President of Science and Education, Dr. Darryl Williams, was thrilled and honored by this acknowledgement of collaborative spirit in accepting this award.  

This award recognizes the dedication and passion our team has for designing resources and building capacity for educators. They think deeply and intentionally about providing resources for science learning to happen anywhere.  

The Franklin Institute, located in Philadelphia, has partnered with the National Girls Collaborative Project for over a decade, scaling STEM programs reaching diverse audiences through afterschool and summer programming. Through this partnership Leap into Science and GSK Science in the Summer curriculum and programming have grown exponentially and is now available in thirty states across the country. Combined these programs serve over 58,000 participants, with half of those being girls and women. Williams cites this partnership as having a direct impact on both programs’ growth. Darryl shares that NGCP has been a critical partner in network and ecosystem building bringing all stakeholders to the table making programs sustainable.  

Collaboration is everyone bringing the best of what they do to the table. Recognizing your strengths and where you can grow together.  

Williams shared that his dynamic team’s dedication and excitement for this work is infectious. They strive to provide equitable quality curriculum and opportunities to educators and students. He says they need to continue getting into under resourced communities and have afterschool opportunities that provide safe, fun, engaging spaces for STEM learning. Educators are passionate about their students and communities and The Institute is being intentional in how they work together to make this happen in a holistic and sustainable way. 

National Girls Collaborative Project has been an outstanding partner to The Franklin Institute. They have brought depth of knowledge to the projects we have collaborated on, from setting up systems for scaled dissemination of programming to exemplary strategies for reducing the gender-gap in STEM. NGCP approaches their work through the lens of equity, helping to develop projects that specifically advance equity in STEM. 

Williams is grateful to collaborate and partner with organizations that are driven and care about impact. He says that when you find a gem like the National Girls Collaborative Project similar goals and are on the same page – amazing things happen, and you can’t ask for more. This is a model others can follow.

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Darryl N. Williams, Ph.D.

As The Franklin Institute’s Senior Vice President of Science and Education, Dr. Darryl N. Williams oversees all aspects of the science and educational programming at the heart of the Institute’s efforts to inspire a passion for learning about science and technology.

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