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The IF/THEN® Initiative from Lyda Hill Philanthropies (LHP) is rooted in a firm belief that there is no better time to highlight positive and successful female professional role models. IF/THEN is designed to activate a culture shift among young girls to open their eyes to STEM careers. The IF/THEN® Collection is a free digital library with photos, videos, posters, activities, and other assets featuring diverse women STEM innovators — all available for educational and other non-commercial use.

NGCP’s Role in the IF/THEN Initiative:

  • Collaborate with LHP to develop the IF/THEN Collection, holding focus groups to help guide the Collection’s assets, technology, and website.
  • Manage asset requests, support the Association of Science and Technology Center’s grantee needs, and oversee the addition of assets to the Collection.
  • Boost the use of Collection assets throughout the U.S. by leveraging our network of individual girl-serving programs and STEM-equity organizations.
  • Award $100,000 in grants to NGCP’s Collaboratives in 2021 to promote the use of Collection assets in their statewide networks.
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