Application Resources

Mini-Grant Application Requirements:
  • At least two programs from different organizations must collaborate on the mini-grant project.
  • All programs/organizations collaborating on the mini-grant must be registered in The Connectory. The Connectory is NGCP's newly expanded Program Directory. Learn more here.
  • The applicant must choose one of her/his programs to be the lead program. You must have a program registered and approved in The Connectory before applying. Once your program is approved, clicking on the "Apply for Grant" link on the left hand navigation list will lead to a live application link.
  • The lead program must be located in a collaborative state or region currently offering mini-grants.
  • Preference is given to projects that are innovative and include a collaboration between organizations that has not occurred before.
  • Mini-grant projects must last longer than one day, unless the one-day project is part of a larger event (e.g. a one-day STEM conference for middle school girls that is included within a week-long summer camp).
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